Prof. Dr. Nazmun Nahar

Welcome to IQAC at NSU!

We envision the IQAC to support and promote quality teaching, learning and research that will directly impact the quality of our graduates. Better quality graduates will translate to better prepared workforce and will produce responsible global citizens. Since its inception, NSU-IQAC is working to familiarize Outcome Based Education (OBE) among the stakeholders and has adopted Outcome Based curriculum as the core practice of the university. It will not only improve the skill set of the graduates but it will also incorporate broader issues of tolerance, diversity, sustainability and environmental responsibility among our graduates. North South University aims to establish an evidence-based decision system that supports and sustains a culture of integrity, transparency, and accountability. Last but not least, IQAC at NSU wants to contribute in creating an environment where all stakeholders are equally valued and respected. I am very delighted to be with the IQAC since its beginning. I seek your valuable support and cooperation in this journey of IQAC and I strongly believe, with your support, IQAC at NSU can become a pioneer in the Higher Education sector of Bangladesh.