International Symposium on Higher Education 2022
  • By nsuiqac
  • August 8, 2023
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International Symposium on Higher Education 2022

The modern university has been essential to the progressive development of all societies worldwide. The traditional residential campus in particular has been central to the creation of the university as an institution of higher education in which all could flourish as a collegium of scholars, and in which undergraduate and graduate students undergo their intellectual formation and preparation for diverse careers. The modern university is expected to contribute to the steady accumulation of human knowledge, foster technological innovation positively affecting both public and private sectors, and thus have a positive impact on a nation’s sustainable development.

However, the novel COVID-19 pandemic that began in early 2020 with widespread transmission of severe disease and high mortality created numerous operational difficulties for universities around the globe. Institutions of higher education in low- and middle-income countries as well as industrialized countries have faced significant disruptions to the traditional mode of instruction, even as faculty have had to contend with diminished research productivity due to lockdowns, closures, and limited campus operations. Especially in the Global South, unprecedented events related to climate change and natural disasters, not to mention armed conflict, have likewise negatively affected the routine operations of many such institutions.

Of course, COVID-19 will not be the last pandemic affecting the world, in which case pandemic preparedness cannot be a matter of concern only for public health authorities. Climate change likewise will continue to raise important questions about environmental protection, environmental management, and disaster mitigation to which university faculties may contribute through their teaching, research, and public service. Thus, it is not surprising that the public at large, including parents and students, have been expressly concerned about the future of higher education in their communities of residence. In particular, many are concerned about whether the university as traditionally constituted is yet capable of quality assurance. The question has been especially visible as universities have shifted operational practices from in-person campus-based instruction to virtual or hybrid (“blended”) modes of instruction.

In all of this, universities are presented with both challenges and opportunities. For some observers of higher education, it is reasonable to ask the question, “Are universities of the past still the future?”, even as others opine that, “The higher education sector is at a pivotal moment.” Hence, presenters and participants in this conference will engage the theme of the conference, guided by their common reflection on the future of the university, exchange ideas related to teaching, learning, research, and public service, consider the impact of higher education on society in the face of novel operational constraints and restraints, and examine the usual processes of institutional and program accreditations that parents and students expect to be the stable elements of quality assurance, despite disruptive changes.

Welcome to the symposium, and join us in a necessary assessment of the future of the university.


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